Lesní správa lány

What We Do

Forest Management

Lesní správa Lány manages 5286.71 ha of timberland in conformity with the current Forest Working Plan (1 January 2010 - 31 December 2019). The maximum total harvest in a decennium is 355,000 m3, main felling 312,000 m3 and intermediate felling 43,000 m3. The minimum proportion of improvement tree species in the Lány management-plan area is 28.46 %. In the last decade, broadleaved reforestation (pedunculate and sessile oak – 34% and European beech – 22% out of the total amount) has prevailed over the coniferous trees reforestation (Norway spruce – 19% and Scots pine 15%). In the current decennium, the minimum area of forest tending is 435.43 ha of clearing and 756.37 ha of thinning in the stands that are not older than 40 years.

The maintenance and improvement of the conditions of forest ecosystems and the application of the principles of sustainable forest management in order to secure stability and unique biodiversity of the stands are among the basic strategic goals while managing the stands in the Lány management-plan area. Further, it is necessary to preserve the forest as a renewable resource for future generations.

LP – linden, BR – birch, OL – alder, ost. tv. list - other hard-wooded broadleaves, KL – sycamore maple, HB – hornbeam, BK – beech, DB – oak, MD – larch, BO – pine, JD – fir, SM – spruce, ost. měk. list. – other soft-wooded broadleaves, KS – horse chestnut

One of the most important of our long-term goals is to continue with the conversion of monoculture management into one that will be differentiated according to the local environmental conditions; moreover, other activities of Lesní správa Lány, especially game keeping, have to be taken into consideration while taking care of the stands. Additionally, it is essential to further promote the balance between all the environmental roles of the forest and economic limits, and respect the development of these roles while producing wood mass. Furthermore, our aim is to improve the stability of the forest ecosystems; in this area, emphasis is put mainly upon natural regeneration of shelter-wood forms. It is also vital to continue with the conversion of old, decreasingly dense stands into stands whose age-class and species composition will be more differentiated and thus more stable, while keeping an eye on the maintenance and improvement of a carrying capacity of the hunting ground. Accordingly, our target is to increase the share of grazing forests in the game park. As for the regeneration of disaster areas, we want to proceed individually so that we can preserve their special purpose and mitigate unfavourable environmental conditions. Furthermore, it is necessary to carry on with intensive co-dominant tree level improvement felling in order to gradually support and release the selected target tree species that constitute the main structure of a stand. As a matter of principle, we prefer not only improvement tree species but also interspersed species while tending the stands. In the long term, we aim at continuous growth in wood production either through the planting of convenient tree species or through the adjustment of species composition.

Game Management and Hunting at Lesní správa Lány

Lesní správa Lány manages the game and organizes hunts primarily to meet the requirements of the Office of the President of the Czech Republic. However, free hunting capacities are offered to the public in the form of commercial hunts.

There are there – red deer, fallow deer, sika deer, sika Dybowski deer, mouflon and wild boar.

The area outside the game park is called the Lány Forests Hunting District. This is another hunting ground, it covers the area of 3,074 ha and one can find five species of hoofed game there – red deer, sika deer, roe deer, mouflon and wild boar.

Finally, there is the 477 ha large Pheasantry Amálie. Pheasant keeping and shooting are the main activities there, but roe deer and wild boar can also be hunted in this area.

Fish Farming Management

Lesní správa Lány manages twenty-five ponds that, altogether, cover 19.50 ha. Four of these ponds - they cover the total area of 1.95 ha and are situated outside the game park - are rented by a fishing club from Lány. The remaining ponds are properly maintained by Lesní správa Lány in compliance with the requirements of Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area. Commercial breeding of common carp, tench, and some species of predatory fish is the primary focus.

The largest pond, the Pilský Pond, has a surface area of 5.80 ha, the next is the Klíčavský Pond (3.50 ha), the Ručičky Pond (2.48 ha) and the Kougl´s Pond (2.00 ha). Smaller ponds form cascades that stream into the Klíčava Dam.

All these ponds, both in the Lány Game Park and in the Pheasantry Amálie, fulfil several vital functions for the wildlife that live throughout the area. They are the sources of fine drinking water, and they also provide a natural and undisturbed environment for a wide range of amphibian and other protected water animals, plants, and nesting birds.


Lesní správa Lány owns one truck, Tatra 815 with a trailer Lemex. This truck carries wood mass and supplies to our customers.