Lesní správa lány

Lány Forestry Administration

Lesní správa Lány

Lesní správa Lány (Lány Forestry Administration), is an allowance organization of the Office of the President of the Czech Republic. It manages, in accordance with the Foundation Deed No. 400.023/93 from 1 January 1993, 5,791.64 ha of land in the possession of the Czech Republic. This consists of 5,689 ha of forest land, 74 ha of arable and pasture land and meadows, 24 ha of ponds and streams and 4 ha of built-up area. Nearly all of the managed area is located in Křivoklátsko Landscape Protected Area. The Lány Game Park (3,003 ha) and an independent pheasantry called Amálie (477 ha) are also managed by Lesní správa Lány.


Published: 3.27.2012 Pheasant Hunts
Pheasantry Amálie is the ideal place for driven pheasant hunts, and it is perfectly fit to fulfil any requirements of the most discriminating bird hunters. The hunting area of the pheasantry is also suitable for elderly or less mobile hunters due to its convenient layout - hunters do not have to walk far to get to the site of individual hunts, so the maximum distance they have to walk during the whole event is 2 kilometres. At the same time, both the terrain and efficient management of the pheasantry can guarantee the pheasants to be sufficiently mature and to fly high enough. The facilities, consisting of a spacious gazebo in which refreshment is served during the hunt and a period hunting lodge Amálie, ideal for a get-together after the hunt, enhances the dignity of the extraordinary hunting experiences awaiting you. The optimum number of hunters is 12. However, the hunt may also be organised for 8 or 16-17 hunters. If there are too many or too few hunters, the overall impression of the hunt may be spoiled. Every year, 10,000 pheasants are let out. In a season, 6 to 10 hunts are organised there. Back